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Photography Camera Backpack Rolltop BFA-1001
Main material: tarpaulin and nylon

Item total weight:1.93kg / 4.25Lbs 

External Bag size: Approx.27*10.8*6.4 inch
Camera Compartment: Approx 10.63*9.45*5.9 inch

Capacity: 1* DSLR + 2 * Lens + camera accessories +15.6'' laptop MacBook + ipad + bottle + tripod etc.


Bullet Point

1.Not Only a Digital Camera Backpack but also a Hiking Rucksack Daypack by taking out / put in the insert bag

2.Expandable Roll Top: Spacious rolltop compartment stores your sweater,jacket some books or other small devices/equipment you might need

3.Quick Side Camera Access: side zipper access to your camera and lens. It can be taken out for a individual camera gadget bag. 

4.25L Large Storage: padded interior insert bag dimensions:27*24*15cm / 10.63*9.45*5.9 inch(9.72 litre)

5.Monopod/gorilla tripod holder (both side and bottom), 15'' Laptop compartment( back)

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