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Camera Backpack BF-1010US
Main material: high-density Canvas
Item total weight:1.7kg / 3.74Lbs
External Bag size: Approx. 17.7*7.1*13.4inch

Camera Compartment: Approx 17*6.5*12.8 inch

Capacity: 3 * DSLR + 4 * Lens + camera accessories + 2pcs 18'' laptop MacBook + ipad + bottle + tripod etc.


1.Material - thick canvas and leather hadward decorations,which is water repellent, wear resisting               

2.22.5L Lager Capacity - Fits many DSLR GoPro camera systems,shoe-mount flash units, microfiber lens, long telephoto lens 

3.Customizable Interior Insert Bag - Adjustable and removable padded 1'' thick hard shell dividers               

4.Traveling Hiking Bag Pack - lots of pocket: 2 side flat pocket 1 for gorilla tripod, 1 for rain cover and bottle. A front zipper for ipad pro mini, also some books and travel units 

5.Dual Conceal Zipper - with non-slip ykk water repellent zipper, plastic protective bottom, padded, ergonomic

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