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Crystal Ball Photography BFS-J001
Material: Crystal for ball, plastc and metal for stand holder
Item total weight:0.33kg /0.73 Lbs

1.Flawless High-quality Lens Ball: come with mini tripod and sunction mount base 1/4'' screw thread that make this photo ball can stand with any professional tripod when outdoor traveling hiking.

2.Clearest K9 Crystal Ball Photography Sphere: no bubbles, distortions, color or inclusions. 100% clear.

3.Padded Shockproof Bag: this crystal ball orbs with additonal padded sphere zipper bag to protect your ball from collision, shake

4.Nice Gift for Photography Enthusiasts: The lens ball is a very good photographic creative equipment, it's not only work with professional cameras for photographer but it is also suited for any smartphone camera beginners.

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