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Besnfoto Lensball Stand Crystal Ball Base Tripod Suction Mount Cup for 60mm to 100mm Sphere Display Stand
Color: Black
Cup Diameter: 36mm /1.4 inch
Suit for: 60mm 80mm 90mm 100mm crystal ball
Package includes: 1* Suction cup 1* base 1* mini tripod  

Super Conveniece for Your Usage: the suction cup mount and mini tripod can make you put your crystal ball anywhere. Most photography crystal/ glass ball will act like a magnifying glass, it may burn your hand quite quickly. So this base and tripod is really come in handy, you can hold the mini tripod to take any pictures you want without worry  

Diameter of Suction Cup: 36mm, it's strong enough to snap 60mm-100mm ball. After tested,it can snap the 100mm ball when sphere going straight down.  

Anodized Aluminium Base and Rubber Suction Cup Mount: A beautiful brushed finish ensures a seamless look with your Lensball

Application: the crystal ball holder is a good display stand for crystal ball, and suitable for photography, home decor, award base. You can also put it one your professional tripod

Small Nice Gift: buy these crystal ball bases as gift for your friends, colleagues, and family. Especially for photographer.

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